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Prospero.ai Signals and the META Journey: A Testament to Predictive Precision

In the shifting sands of the stock market, accurate predictions are as sought after as they are rare. Prospero.ai’s journey with META stock over the past year is a story of predictive precision, one that stands in stark contrast to the linear equations and market narratives that dominate the financial landscape.

The Predictive Power of Prospero Signals

In April 2023, while META hovered around $200, Prospero.ai identified the stock as a potential bullish outlier, even though the current market narrative was that it deserved to be a battered down stock. The newsletter was even behind our signals which had it as "slam dunk Bull" fixed at the top of our Upside rating since 02/16/23 when the stock was trading at only $170. Our signals thrived where other tools fail, because of our unique options pricing formulas, which accurately predicted META's trajectory, culminating in a substantial earnings report surge last week.

Signals in Action: A Timeline of Success

  • April 30, 2023: Prospero’s newsletter spotlighted META, noting volatile yet promising Net Options and Social Sentiment Signals, with an Upside Breakout Signal firmly at the top of our ratings scale. Link

  • May 22, 2023: META maintained a perfect Upside Breakout rating, gaining 42.45%, with Net Options Sentiment corroborating this bullish run. Link 1  Link 2


  • July 27, 2023: As META became Prospero’s favored stock of 2023, the perfect scores in Net Options Sentiment and Upside Breakout ahead of earnings indicated a strong institutional consensus on its bullish potential. Link

  • October 2023: Despite META's growth, Prospero asserted its undervalued status, a sentiment echoed in January 2024, even as the market underestimated META. Link 1  Link 2


  • Early 2024: Prospero highlighted short pressure, a strategic move by institutions, but Prospero users, equipped with real-time insights, saw through the ploy. Link 1  Link 2


Clarity in Complexity

Prospero makes the complex decisions of the market obvious. While others were swayed by the prevailing sentiment, Prospero’s Signals revealed the true market movement, aligning with institutional bets rather than biased public opinion. The Signals saw through the shorts, identifying a bullish stronghold in the long-term options market, a narrative Prospero saw clear as day what was not yet reflected in the stock price. The brilliance of Prospero is how obvious and visible it can make what has traditionally been hidden. It filters out emotion, bias and the noise and clatter of the media and simply presents you with the raw, unfiltered facts. No easy task, even for the most experienced of investors. Even our CEO, the primary architect of the signals, took two months of META at 100 Upside Breakout before he realized the error of not trusting the signals and made the right choice.

The Human Element in Harmony with AI

Even the founder of Prospero, faced with the same Signals, initially overlooked META in favor of the market's distraction and personal emotion. This human moment underscores the importance of combining human discernment with AI precision. The Upside Breakout Signal's unwavering maximum rating was a clear sign that should not have been ignored, signaling a bullish future solidified by META's ranking in Institutional Flow and key Prospero metrics.

Prospero.ai's predictive prowess is not just about the algorithms—it's about the interpretation and application of data that others don’t have or see. The META narrative is a testament to the Signals' strength and the importance of trusting a process that brings the market’s truths to light.

Join the movement that trusts in data, not narratives. Embrace the power of real-time, AI-driven market insights and be part of the community that sees the market for what it is, not just what it's said to be. Let’s invest with insight.

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