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The Prospero.AI Difference - Benefit from an Unbiased Approach

Data Sources

  • Comprehensive analysis - Analyzes a comprehensive set of data including Net Options Sentiment and institutional betting patterns. Market activities + underlying trends.
  • Public Narratives - Primarily focus on publicly available information often used to shape market narratives. News feeds, social media buzz, 13F filings, etc.

Analysis Approach

  • Unbiased/Independent - Does not engage in trading or front-running, operates independently without receiving payments for recommendations, maintaining integrity in insights.
  • Conflict of interest - Most engage in trading and/or receive institutional compensation for advice or recommendations, which influences the objectivity of their insights.

Market Insights

  • Institutional actions - Offers insights into where institutions are truly investing. Combines various data sets for a holistic view, including Net Options and Social sentiment.
  • Market Chatter - Often rely solely on social sentiment analysis, focusing on the overt market chatter that misses out on the nuances of institutional actions.

Investor Benefits

  • Proactive and informed - Empowers retail investors with actionable insights to align their strategies with institutional moves.
  • Trend following - Lack the depth of analysis required for anticipating market movements, often reacting to events post-occurrence.

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