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Prospero.Ai Newsletter and Research Highlights

Click the links below to see more information on some great examples of the power of our platform

Summary of our first research report on Enphase Energy (ENPH) - 59.7% gain since publishing on 07/13/22 (Link to full report)

NVDA and AMD trade summary (241% profit week of 11/7 for NVDA and AMD a 53% gain the following week)

QQQ Trade Summary (248% profit week of 10/24)

Net Options Sentiment Predicts Positive Inflation Reading 11/9 - 11/10

Confused by any terms? Click our glossary help file. If you are still confused after email and we will add something to clear it up. The first mention of a signal unique to our platform we will link to the help file IE Net Options Sentiment.

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