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A unique platform powered by AI and community insights to get you hedge fund-level predictions

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Why use Prospero.AI

Industry Beating Predictions

Over the last 5 years, our predictions significantly outperformed the S&P 500.  


Be in Control

Understand market forces and optimize your investing strategy

Own Your Privacy

Be our partner. Our free app has no ads and we will never share your personal data with anyone

Key features

How does it work


Through a set of short surveys that you and the community can fill out, we get collective intelligence around stock and market sentiment to update our AI and ultimately give you more accurate predictions.

Survey answers are fully anonymized and are kept both private and encrypted. We cannot tie answers back to our users. Surveys are not mandatory but they really help us giving you more effective insights.

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Our signals will help you understand market movements and harness investment opportunities.

There are two main signal categories:

  • Short term drivers help form perspective on a stock best used for strategies of next week to 1 month

  • Long terms drivers inform strategies on buying and holding for 6 months to multiple years

Long Term Signals

Market Similarity

Tracks how closely the stock will follow the movement of the S&P 500

Upside Breakout

Higher Upside Breakout scores indicate a larger chance of sharp move upwards in price any time within the next 1-2 years

Growth Rating

How likely a company is to get bigger in revenue and/or size over the next year to two years

Downside Breakout

Higher Downside Breakout scores indicate a larger chance of sharp decline in price any time within the next 1-2 years

Profitability Rating

How likely the company is to be profitable over the next few years

Short Term Signals

Net Options Sentiment.png
Net Options Sentiment

Provides information on how long or short the market is on short duration options

Dark Pool Rating.png
Dark Pool Rating

Tracks the amount a stock trades in Dark Pools relative to the total trading volume and number of shares

Net Social Sentiment.png
Net Social Sentiment

Gauges positive & negative sentiment from social media as well as the difference between them

Short Squeeze Rating.png
Short Pressure Rating

Represents the presence of market forces pushing the stock price down and the potential to move sharply up or down

Shark Rating.png
Shark Rating

A measure of the trustworthiness of the institutions that own a stock

Net Institutional Flow.png
Net Institutional Flow

Tracks whether institutions are buying up or selling off a stock or options

Beta App, what to expect

Ready to join us?

Once you download Prospero there are three primary actions you can take: 


  • Take the daily survey. The survey will ask a variety of questions that we use to generate predictions. Your answers are encrypted and will not be revealed or sold to anyone. We will never use your answers for marketing purposes.

  • Search for stocks. See our recommendations based on our signals or search for a stock you want to view. You can click on one to view our long term and short term predictions and add it to your favorites by clicking the heart icon.

  • Explore Prospero Signals. Our signals, signals provided (through survey insights and AI-powered hedge fund data) are the heart of our predictions. To learn what each signal predicts and how to use it to optimize your investment strategy, click the ? icon.


  1. Backtested data for illustrative purposes only and not intended to be used for forecasting. Past data does not necessarily reflect future performance. Please consult with your financial advisor prior to making any investment decisions.

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