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We want to regrow the middle class, which has seen financial security dwindle

Prospero is a free tool that demystifies the stock market for everyday investors. It empowers you with similar data that hedge funds use to make trading decisions.

When it comes to investing, luck is often confused with genius. While everyone brags about how much they make in bull markets, few share their losses. Because most investors don't have access to the same tech and data that hedge funds do, retail often feels the brunt of market corrections. Prospero's goal is to flip the script on this model by empowering everyday investors to help you keep up, even in fast changing markets.

We give you free AI-powered recommendations so you can make the right investment for your future.

How you
can help?

Download Prospero and give us feedback! Your feedback will help us:
  • Fine-tune the trading signals so they can better power your trading strategy

  • Help us to create new trading signals

  • Help us to better display signals in a way that they can be used more successfully

Answer Survey Questions
  • Our predictions are powered by data.

  • These predictions are made even better with your answers.

  • Answers are fully anonymized and are kept both private and encrypted. We cannot tie answers back to our users

Join the movement
  • Join our socials

  • Spread the word and share the app

How does it work? 

Our proprietary stock predictor takes your anonymized survey data to make recommendations for you to match with your investment goals and risk tolerance.


We even have a joint patent with NYU on our predictor

Powered by You

Our predictions are made even better when our users anonymously answer survey questions.

Be our partner not their product.

Our free app is ad free and we will never share your data with anyone. (We couldn't even if we wanted to.)

Join our beta! We promise to never sell your data. 

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